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Intellectual Property Awareness Summit 2017

IPAS 2017 is structured for everyone to participate.

Program is Subject to Change



8:30 - 8:45         Welcome and opening remarks

                            Mickie Piatt, Chicago-Kent; Bruce Berman, CIPU
                            Introduction: “Why IP awareness? Why now?” Brian Hinman 

8:45 – 9:40        "What Audiences Need to Know About IP Rights - Why?"

                                     -What do they believe? What are they told?

                                     -Is it accurate? What do they need to know?

                                     -Identifying key IP audiences (stakeholders): policymakers, schools, government, educators                                        -How do various audiences currently learn about IP?
                                           Facilitator: James Conley (Kellogg-Northwestern, inventor)

                                           Panelists: Patrick Kilbride (Global IP Center); Marshall Phelps (ex-Microsoft, IBM, CIPU),                                                     Joyce Ward (USPTO), Ashley Keller (Burford Capital)


9:40 - 10:35      “Identifying ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ IP Behaviors – A Candid Discussion”

  -Copying, counterfeits, efficient infringement, “trolls”
  -Does intellectual property differ from "real" property?
  -Should business or government step-up and set an example for IP conduct?
  -The role of innovation policy in helping to define appropriate behaviors

        Facilitator: Stephen Haber (IP2 Hoover Institution-Stanford)

        Panelists: Ken Seddon (LoT Network), Bruce Schelkopf (ABB)

        David Kappos (ex-USPTO), Brian Hinman (ex-Philips, IBM, Interdigital)


10:35 - 11:05     Networking Break


11:05 - 12:00    “IP & Theft: The High Cost of Confusion

  -The Internet’s role in providing access to everything for everyone
  -Uncertainty and IP: laws, courts, and policy
  -Tech “giants” and IP rights; GAAP accounting
  -Why IP rights are more important to some businesses than others

        Facilitator: Ashly Boesche (Chicago IP Alliance) 

        Panelists: Claire Castel (EUIPO, via Skype): "Impact of 2017 IP Perception Study - How do          Audiences See IP RIghts?," David Lowery (rock band Cracker), Erick Robinson (Beijing                East IP), Hon. Randall Rader (Chief Judge CAFC, ret)

12:00 - 12:45     Breakouts – Small group discussions about impediments to IP understanding

                                           Facilitators: Ashly Boesche, Bo Heiden, Aseet Patel, and Gene Quinn


12:45 - 1:15       Lunch & Networking


1:15 - 1:45          Key Note Address: David Teece (Tusher Center, UC Berkeley-Haas)
                                     -“IP Rights Erosion: A Growing Threat to U.S. Economic Leadership”


1:45 - 2:40        “Media Coverage of IP Developments - Separating Fact from Perspective”

  -History of IP coverage: inventions, big cases, litigation
  -Identifying what is coverage-worthy: Getting stories approved by editors
  -Identifying and evaluating sources
  -PAE, NPE, “troll,” efficient infringer – The role of language in IP coverage

       Facilitator: Roger Parloff (ex-Fortune)

        Panelists: Gene Quinn (IP Watchdog), Ed Lee (Chicago-Kent), Tony Dutra (Bloomberg                Law), John Pletz (Crain's Chicago Business)


2:45 - 3:30         “IP Education Today: New Strategies and Resources”

  -Universities, associations and organizations
  -Books, videos and visual tools
  -Courses and curricula outside of law schools
  -The educators’ challenge

        Facilitator: James Pooley (Deputy Director WIPO, ret.)
        Panelists: Bo Heiden (Center for IP Studies, Sweden), Ada Nielsen (PMG, ex-BP, past                  president LES), James Conley (Kellogg), Patrick Kilbride (Intl. Chamber of Commerce)

        Molly Kocialski (USPTO)


3:30 - 4:00         Networking Break

4:00 - 4:45        
Facilitator summaries of breakouts: what they heard.
                                     -What CIPU is engaged in & its future plans (CIPU Board of Directors)

4:45 - 5:40        
“Making IP Awareness a Higher Priority”

  -What can be done immediately, a little later and down the road?
  -What message do we want to send, to whom and how?
  -Leadership: Who needs to step-up on IP awareness?

  -How can business, government and other groups work together?

                                           Facilitator: Todd Dickinson (ex-GE, AIPLA, USPTO)
                                           Panelists: Hon. Paul Michel (Chief Judge CAFC, ret), Scott Frank (CEO AT&T IP Business),                                              Bob Bramson (ex-Unisys, InterDigital, WiLAN), Gary Grube (ex-Motorola, inventor)


5:40                   Closing Remarks



5:45                   Cocktail Reception and Networking


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